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Retractable Screens

Affordable Folding Doors, retractable solution are an easy to use and durable fly screens which are perfect for providing superior insect protection while maintaining desirable temperature and natural ventilation. They are designed to retract out of sight when not in use creating uninterrupted views.

Affordable Folding Doors, screens are made off durable aluminum frame with fiberglass mesh which can be fitted outside or inside on the door / window frame.

Max Sizing for to suit our Folding Doors and Folding windows are as listed below:

Side retracting Max 1500mm wide/2100mm high single cassette screens closing from one side to the other.

Side retracting Max 3000mm wide/2400mm high double cassette screens closing from both sides to the middle.


Top retracting Size up to 2400mm wide/1500mm high


All of our screens have speed limiters built into the units so they will retract at a controlled rate back into the cartridge. The image on the right will show you the 5 measurements that we require, requirement E is only required for a side mounted system. All of our screens use locking points to engage our screens, our system does not rely on old school magnets.


Prices are listed where available near our Product Sizing

Insect screens get measured after our folding door/window has been installed.


Door screens are side by side opening type only and need sizes A, B, C, D & E.

Window screens are top roller mounted that pull down up to a Maximum size of 2400 wide, we just need sizes A,B,C & D.


Measurements are taken from the inside,


A & B from inside reveal on either side,


C, D & E are from bench/floor height to inside top reveal, if the track is fully recessed, then you may also have to recess the insect screen.


Screens cannot be shipped at the same time of folding doors/windows.