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Bi-Folding Doors


We have been manufacturing aluminum bi-folds since our inception
in 2009.  A bi-fold can truly transform your space, the perfect 
product to compliment an open plan kitchen, new extension, enclose 
your pergola, transform your garage into a more livable workspace.

We offer a huge range of 2, three, four, five, six, seven, eight and 
nine bi-fold panels, all available in white or black and in 2 different heights.  

Allowing you to purchase the perfect sized 
bi-fold for your home, office or retail outlet.

4 Panel Bi-Fold

5 Panel Bi-Fold

6 Panel Bi-Fold

7 Panel Bi-Fold

8 Panel Bi-Fold

9 Panel Bi-Fold

3 Panel Bi-Fold






Our three-panel bi-folding doors are our most popular configuration and are available in sizes ranging from 1450mm through to 2420mm wide.

An odd number of folding door panels mean you always have an everyday access door, this simple operation allows you to open the master door against the other bi-fold doors on its own,  which then

can all fold and stack to the opposite side.


Our bi-fold doors are universal left or right opening, this direction is decided during installation.


Home delivery to your door is an extra $100, this is added to the freight charge to your area, only 2100 high doors can be home delivered.


Contact us for a accurate freight price.


* ** Retractable Insect Screen Freight prices are separate from folding window/door prices ** *

Text Box:  Width Range

1450mm to 1495mm
1750mm to 1795mm

2005mm to 2045mm
2155mm to 2195mm

2380mm to 2420mm










Brisbane/Sunshine Coast

Tweed-Gold Coast



2100mm  2400mm Screen

$1995  $2195  $400

$1995  $2195  $450



$2095  $2295  $500

$2095  $2295  $550



$2195  $2395  $600

Freight, Approx Cost

Text Box: Optional Extra Main Door Drop Bolts $100
Text Box: About Our Product, whats in the box….

Affordable Bi-Fold doors are shipped as following:
Outer Frame Tracks, Adjustable Corner Clips. Individual Panels with Locks, 5mm Tempered Safety Glass, Twin Rubber Seals Between each door on the Outside, Felt Draft Stoppers on the inside, Pre Drilled hinge holes set to open outwards, Main Door Mortise Lock Hole Pre drilled.
All Hinges locks, commercial main lock, hinge screws  Installation / Service Manual Provided.
Our Door System is a DIY Product, however you can use a local carpenter/builder to install if you are unable to do it yourself.  All our product is universal left or right single opening door, decided during the installation process. We are the manufacturer only, we make to order and do not hold stock.